Friends of Clemyjontri, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.

Liberty Swing


Swinging is Freedom!

There’s nothing like swinging through the air, and lots of kids have never had the opportunity to swing. As part of the Clemyjontri dream, we envisioned a place where kids and adults of all ages can enjoy that incredible feeling. Thanks to the Friends of Clemyjontri, there was a lot of will and we found a way. In 2010, our playground was the first in the United States to install a Liberty Swing.

Everyone swings safely.

The Liberty swing was designed to accommodate wheelchairs and all kinds of mobility aids. The swing automatically locks, and the ramp locks in when not in use to ensure public safety. It also features a built-in seat for those without wheelchairs who may require the safety of a seatbelt. It took the Australian inventor Wayne Devine ten years to develop this now-world-famous product. There are now around 350 installations around the world, only 15 of them in the USA. Other Liberty Swings can be found in Britain, Ireland, Spain, France, New Zealand and Australia, where the swing is manufactured.

Come see the innovative and ecological invention that allows children of all abilities to experience the joy and recreation of swinging!

Special Notice for Liberty Swing Riders

* Prior to use of the Liberty Swing the user (or guardian) needs to complete a liability release.

* Two keys are required to use the swing: one to unlock the gated area surrounding the swing and another to unlock the swing itself. Keys are only guaranteed available when the park is staffed (carousel is operating). If you plan to visit on a day when the carousel is not operating and you wish to use the swing, please contact the office prior to your visit at 703-388-2807 x0 to make arrangements for a key.

Locals: Get your own key!

For users who desire to have a personal set of Liberty Swing keys, they are provided free of charge at the Clemyjontri Park office during carousel operating hours (or by arrangement).